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wealth accumulation & PRESERVATION

Providing for a secure and comfortable financial future requires expert planning. Arkin Youngentob provides tax and financial strategies to help successful business leaders diversify, protect and grow their business and personal assets. Our goal is to develop a tailored approach that will yield optimum benefits, both immediately and in the future. Ultimately, your assets can only be left to your family, a charity or other designated beneficiaries or the Internal Revenue Service.

The Arkin Youngentob team has many years of experience in helping clients maximize the accumulation and preservation of assets. We research and ask many pertinent questions.  How should assets ultimately be transferred? What level of control should be in place? What type of guarantees do you desire in your planning? How much risk are you willing to tolerate? Is there maximum income, estate and gift tax efficiency? What is the need for liquidity?

Our discovery process helps you assess your situation and define your objectives. Arkin Youngentob then puts together individualized wealth preservation and transfer solutions to help you:

  • Design and document a plan to ensure proper timing and amount of distributions to your chosen beneficiaries
  • Provide sufficient income for a spouse or other dependents; take maximum advantage of annual and lifetime gift exclusions; establish gifting programs to transfer assets and provide financial security for children or grandchildren; establish charitable foundations
  • Maximize your ability to give to charity while reducing taxes and potentially increasing current income
  • Equalize distributions of estate and business interests between children working in the family business and those not active in the company; reduce or eliminate estate taxes
  • Properly fund any remaining tax liability through the most efficient and cost-effective methods

Once a plan is implemented, Arkin Youngentob assists in monitoring your planning to ensure that changes in your personal situation and external conditions are reflected in ongoing maintenance and management. This allows you to control, rather than react and to achieve rather than adapt.

Case Study

An attorney referred a couple to us with the request that we underwrite and build a portfolio of $40 million of survivorship insurance coverage to cover estate liquidity requirements. Upon review of the facts of the situation, we suggested to counsel that the client could accomplish the same economic objectives with only $10 million of single life coverage on an older spouse. Applying the $10 million of coverage to cover gift taxes in lieu of estate taxes would result in the same level of wealth transfer as the $40 million of coverage. Although the cost per $1000 over coverage would be greater, this counter intuitive structure provided for a significantly lower overall premium outlay as well as greater flexibility and an ability to limit the exposure of a significantly increasing estate value.

The case study results are for illustrative purposes only. This example does not represent any specific product, nor does it reflect sales charges or other expenses that may be required. No representation is made as to the accurateness of the analysis.

Arkin Youngentob a Division of Risk Strategies does not offer legal or tax advice.



Wealth Accumulation & Preservation
I was a thirty-eight year old in very good health and out of the clear blue I was diagnosed with cancer. This was a scary time for me and I will be forever indebted to you for your insistence to do the right planning. The one thing I never had to worry about was the long term financial security of my wife and children, and believe me, it was a huge relief.”